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Judge Solomon Azalea. Rhododendron indica . $68. Trade 3 gallon pot. Versatile shrub with fuchsia flowers. Judge Solomon is one of the most sun and heat tolerant of all the large old-fashioned azaleas. It also grows more rapidly than its relatives and can quickly become a large mound. What's more, it's extremely versatile in how it can.

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The Judge Solomon is large Indica evergreen azalea and prolific pink blossoms bloom early to mid spring. This shrub prefers partial shade and well-drained acidic soil and can mature up to size 6-8' height and width.

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Judge Solomon Azalea $14.99 Size 1 Gallon (1-2FEET) 3 Gallon (2-3FEET) 7 Gallon (3-4FEET) Quantity - + Order today to receive your order by January 9th - January 12th Contact us Details Pretty, easy to care for, and good at growing, this is the ideal plant for new and expert gardens alike looking for a little splash of color.

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- This is a popular azalea but should not be planted in places that receive direct afternoon sun because the flowers bleach badly. The flower color is a pinkish-blue to rosy-pink, somewhat similar to the 'Formosa' azalea. This azalea grows large so pruning may be needed periodically. The foliage of azaleas is generally not eaten by deer.

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Judge Solomon Azalea is a vigorous upright-spreading evergreen shrub with light green leaves that mature to emerald green. Its large 3-inch deep pink flowers bloom in spring attracting butterflies. A very versatile plant that prefers partial sun with acidic rich, well-drained soils. MAINTENANCE NEEDS: A low maintenance plant.

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Judge Solomon Azalea is most useful as a natural hedge or in small to large groupings in landscape beds. Performs exceptionally well under tall pine trees. Also useful in home foundation plantings, espalier (grown flat against a wall), or "limbed up" to be a small tree for containers or garden beds. Culture & Care Tips

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The pink azalea flower thrives in hot, humid climates and performs best in acidic soil and filtered afternoon sunlight. (1) Azalea 'Judge Solomon' in 2.5 quart pots; Pink azalea flower is best suited for USDA hardiness zones 7-10, but will perform well in colder zones with proper winter protection; Mature size is 6 to 8' tall and wide

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Judge Solomon Azalea Rhododendron indica 'Judge Solomon' A beautiful evergreen Azalea that produces a mass of single, 3 inch diameter pink blooms all spring. One of the best Azaleas for high light areas and has a vigorous upright, spreading growth habit that reaches 4 to 6 feet tall and wide. USDA Z8 - Cold Hardy 10 to 20F Category

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Azalea 'Judge Solomon' Quick Overview: The Judge Solomon Azalea is a prolific spring-blooming southern Indica hybrid rhododendron that is heat and sun tolerant. This selection produces 3-4 inch bright pink blooms. Each spring you will be anticipating great colorful display of blooms that will last for weeks Out of stock Description

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Azaleas Judge Solomon Azalea may not be a name that immediately comes to mind when thinking about gardening, but if you're a gardener, you'll want to get to know this unique and stunning flower.

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'Judge Solomon' azalea Synonym(s): Southern Indica General Classification: Evergreen Mature Height: 8' Mature Width 10' Landscape Spacing: 10' Sun Exposure: 3; 4; 5 Soil Type: Rich well drained Hardiness Zone: 7 - 9 Features: Tall and wide growth habit, Blooms are a deep rose pink, appearing in early spring..

Judge Solomon Azalea Azalea Live Plant Pink Azalea Etsy

The Judge Solomon Azalea is one of the best of the sun and heat-tolerant evergreen Southern Indica Azaleas. In spring, large, bright pink flowers nearly cover the large mounds of foliage. More details below Judge Solomon Southern Indica Azalea - 1 Gallon Pot WRITE A REVIEW Questions about this item? Be the first to ask here >> SIZE: 1 GALLON POT

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Meet Azalea Judge Solomon. While most other azaleas prefer partially or fully shaded growing conditions, Judge Solomon shines in sun to part sun/part shade gardens without wilting or protesting. Its relatively fast growth makes it an ideal choice for use in screens and hedges, and the 3.5" hot pink blooms create an outstanding spring show.

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Azalea - Judge Solomon. availability: Call For Availability. $12.99. The huge, brilliant pink blooms practically cover the evergreen leaves in the spring. It grows more quickly and tolerates heat better than other azalea types. It's a great option for a high-quality, vivid natural hedge or screen in landscapes and forest borders. Size: 3 gal.