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Jan 26, 2015 at 8:37 @Barnstokkr where would i use that? I changed Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.Mouse0) to Input.GetMouseButtonDown (0) and it still activates no matter where i click - MIke Jan 26, 2015 at 8:58 Sorry but if im asking how to make a "Sprite" clickable.. not how to make the whole screen clickable and activate a sprite.. - MIke


OnMouseDown () and Collision not working for game object created within another game objects script Ask Question Asked 6 years, 5 months ago Modified 1 year, 4 months ago Viewed 2k times 4 I have created a game object ( Brick) and added a script ( BrickScript) to it.

Get OnMouseDown to work with a 2D Polygon Collider Questions

AndreasX12 July 4, 2013, 6:49pm 1 Hello, I usually never have problems with this, but somehow I can't get the OnMouseDown () to work. This is my code:

Get OnMouseDown to work with a 2D Polygon Collider Questions

#1 ThermalFusion Joined: May 1, 2011 Posts: 906 * Edited and removed wrong answer. Last edited: Feb 26, 2014 ThermalFusion, Feb 26, 2014 #2 Eric5h5 Volunteer Moderator Moderator Joined: Jul 19, 2006 Posts: 32,401 OnMouseDown etc. work as usual with 2D colliders (whether they're triggers or not). --Eric Eric5h5, Feb 26, 2014 #3 shivansps Joined:

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Thread Status: Not open for further replies. ykosyakov Joined: Nov 10, 2012 Posts: 6 Hello! OnMouseDown function work with 2D Colliders? I add collider to object, and script with OnMouseDown, but it doesn't work Thanks for help! ykosyakov, Nov 15, 2013 #1 unitylover Joined: Jul 6, 2013 Posts: 346

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I am learning Unity from a book. The example is to create a 2D memory game as follows (viewed in perspective view). The green (background) at z=5, the purple diamond (front card) at z=0 and the red (back card) at z=-5 for example. The front card is set as the parent of the back card in the hierarchy window.

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OnMouseUpAsButton is only called when the mouse is released over the same Collider as it was pressed. Additional resources: OnMouseUp. This function is not called on objects that belong to Ignore Raycast layer. OnMouseUpAsButton can be a co-routine, simply use the yield statement in the function. This event is sent to all scripts attached to.

OnMouseDown sometimes working and sometimes not at random Unity Forum

At this point you should start a new project and try the test case again. Create sprite. Select an image. Add a Box Collider 2D. Create a script with: void OnMouseDown() { Debug.Log("click!"); } and drag the script onto the game object in the inspector. It should work.

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4 Answers Sorted by: 3 Try adding a box collider or box collider 2d Try adding an rigidbody besides the collider and you can do it kinematic Try adding add a EventSystem if you are using canvas ui And verify that it does not have an object like a canvas blocking the camera raycast. good luck. Share Improve this answer Follow

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93 1 1 11 2 The first sentence of the tag unity is "DO NOT USE ON QUESTIONS ABOUT THE UNITY GAME ENGINE (use: unity3d instead)!!" - Scott Chamberlain Mar 7, 2015 at 19:03 Please don't include start or update when they are empty. - AustinWBryan Aug 13, 2018 at 1:47 Add a comment 9 Answers Sorted by: 8 Check the following points:

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I'm working on 2019.4.9f1 on a 2D project using Universal Rendering Pipeline. The camera settings changed so I'm stating it. I wrote a OnMouseEnter and OnMouseExit in a script to manage whenever my mouse cursor is on top of a SpriteRenderer with a collider located at 0,0,0.I have a main camera located at 0,0,-10.I've tested the script that manages the OnMouse events.

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2D Animation and PSD Importer package integration. Use the 2D Animation package with the PSD Importer package to easily import character artwork created in Photoshop into Unity, and prepare it for animation with the 2D Animation package. The PSD Importer is an Asset importer that supports Adobe Photoshop .psb files, and generates a Prefab made of Sprites based on the source file and its layers.

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1. As already stated you should move to physics raycasts as they allow for greater debugging with on click events. Your problem with the raycast is mixing Unity's 2DPhysics with 3DPhysics calls. If you want to Raycast to an object with 2D physics components you must use. Physics2D.Raycast.