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In this video, you will see some of the reactions to the moment when Sally meets Ashley for the very first time.Let's Players featured:Jacksepticeye (https:/.

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r/sallyface • 2 yr. ago Xxvibez_checkxX How do you guy's feel about Ash slander? Discussion I personally hate it, people expected her to say "you go Sal! Kill everyone you grew up with!" Like she was doing what she thought was right at the time. But people literally hate Ash for doing what she thought was right. 52 36 Share Sort by: Add a Comment

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GRAVEYARD After Sal's execution in the last episode, you're now playing as Ash. Walk left as far as you can. In the very left edge, you'll find a hidden (unmarked) hexagon. Make sure you see it - it's grey, with 5 green buttons. There are 6 hexagons to find in this episode, and they're important to a scene later on in the game.

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Ashley has brown hair and green eyes. As a teenager, her hair was exceptionally long, reaching past her waist. She wore a purple sweater dress, dark grey leggings or pants, a black choker, and light greenish-grey shoes. As an adult, her hair has been cut short to accommodate riding her motorcycle.

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5 mins to read. 'Sally Face' is a famous game created by Stever Gabry. Also, Sally Face is the name of the main protagonist in the game. The real name of the character is Sal Fisher. Sal Fisher is the son of Henry Fisher and Diane Fisher. In Sal's childhood, he lost his mother in an accident and got his face scarred, for which the reason isn't.

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SPOILER Does anybody else find the ending kind of disappointing? Discussion It was super cool that Sal died and came back, but that crap about "giving ash a part of his power" was kinda dumb. I wish it was actually Sally face that saved the world and not ash with the glowy arm.

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Right door, middle door, left door, then walk left. Now we have to make sure all the buttons are pressed to continue. Unfortunately, it's a puzzle…. Left to right: step on buttons 5, 4, 3, 4, 3, 2, 3, 2, 1. After solving the button puzzle, pull the lever. Walk right and exit the third door. Back to Sally.

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2016 Browse game Gaming Browse all gaming We slowly find out why Sally Face is on trial and the more we unpack in this story, the more i get the chills..Follow me on Twitter!.

[Sally x Ashley] Wow, it’s you Sally face! Sally face game, Face icon

r/sallyface • 3 yr. ago evieevie19 Ash's Confession Discussion Kinda a Spoiler for chapter 4-5 Hi! So in chapter 5 of Sally Face Ash goes to visit sally's grave. And at the end of what we see of her visit she says "Sal,there's something else i need to tell you." and then the screen cuts to black and fades to another scene.

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Sally Face Talk with fellow fans, share theories, artwork, cosplay, thoughts, etc. for Sally Face! A dark adventure game series following a boy with a prosthetic face and a tragic past. 26K Members 10 Online r/TheImperfects Opinions on Hannah? 22 upvotes · 22 comments r/TheImperfects SPOILER Opinions on Darcy? 37 upvotes · 28 comments r/sallyface

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(minor spoiler warning) imo larry n sally have a really good familial relationship and i hc that they never saw eachother romantically :/ larry's proclamation of "i love you" is a spirit-of-the-moment thing, bc it's not really like larry to say something like that. shows he was really scared, and probably not telling sal he Has Feelings For Him relation by law is still relation so.

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Walk right a few steps, and flip the switch in the wall. Another green light comes on. Make your way back down 2 levels of the sewers, back to the first switch in the wall. Flip the switch in the wall. This time, the green light comes on. Walk left a few steps, and climb down the ladder, so you're on the lowest level.

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- Go out, go left and interact with Sal's locker. Select 'Lockers' and then Ash's Locker. Take her camera. - Go right and enter 'hall 2' and then the Science Lab (201). On your left, take the sticky tack (DON'T give it to Ash!). - Outside the lab, go right and enter the courtyard. Interact with the tree a few times to make the ball fall, then.

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SCHOOL HALL 1. Walk right to the lockers. Open your own locker. Look at your text books, look at your backpack, look at the picture of you and your friends, and look at your locker itself to get the tip about paperclips. When you're ready, close your locker.

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r/sallyface • 4 yr. ago edgy-cinnamonroll Favorite Ship?? I'm sure there r already tons of threads on this, but idk. I personally ship Sal and Ash, but I have nothing against Larry x Sal shippers, which I feel is most of the fandom, because they aren't related by blood and they were friends before they became brothers.